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October 16, 2014

"I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Foley over eight years ago.  Having a teen-aged son with autism, I had discovered the DIR methodology and found that my son responded beautifully to this therapeutic model.  The DIR network of professionals, to my good fortune, led me to Susan Foley. 

Susan is an Occupational therapist who is also certified in DIR.  When Susan began working with my son, I was so impressed by her gentle manner, outstanding knowledge and skill and above all her patience.  Through an engaging, patient yet persevering approach, my son was able to gradually move past his prompt dependency to interact and initiate an interaction.  At the same time, I was able to learn while observing as she always welcomed me to stay in the sessions.   My son quickly developed affection for Susan and was always delighted to work with her.

Susan always greeted us with a smile and a welcoming attitude.  I so appreciated her dedication and perseverance with my son, and her respect for my feelings as a parent.  Her knowledge and skill in DIR, sensory integration and the skills needed in fine motor, gross motor, motor planning was most certainly evident and appreciated!

I also am an advocate for children with special needs.  I have had the pleasure of referring many parents to Susan for therapy.  All the feedback is the same.  Susan is wonderful and highly recommended!"

October 22, 2014

"Susan Smith-Foley, O.T., or “Miss Sue” to those that know and love her is a wonderful and caring Occupational Therapist.  Our daughter has been diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder and has been seeing Miss Sue weekly in order to address her needs.  Since working with Sue our daughter has shown improvement in her handwriting and visual tracking, two of the areas of concern identified.  Our daughter looks forward to her weekly O.T. sessions.  Sue has the perfect balance of making our daughter feel comfortable while directing her to participate in activities that help her to achieve her goals.  I would highly recommend Sue to anyone in need of O.T. services."

October 28, 2014

"My son has been struggling in lots of different areas such as his fine motor and gross motor skills, sensory issues, and having a difficult time listening and paying attention to directions.  We had the pleasure of meeting "Miss Sue" four months ago.  Sue has a gentle and calm soul.  Her soothing way with kids amazed me and has taught me to slow down and be more patient and compassionate.  Her positive attitude and ability to work with young children like my son is extremely admirable.  She got to know my son's strengths and weaknesses.  My son enjoys his time with Sue.  We definitely see improvements in all the areas he was struggling.  The progress is amazing.  We are so grateful to have found Miss Sue and we look forward to continuing on this journey with her!"


November 10, 2014

"Ms. Smith-Foley has been working with my son, who has significant sensory processing issues, for the last several years.  During that time, she has helped him develop many of the fine and gross motor skills with which he has struggled.  Her gift, however, is not teaching fine and gross motor skills -- it is teaching those skills in such a way that my son happily pushes past his own boundaries and fears.  He is always glad to be going to see "Miss Sue" whom he adores, even though she challenges him to try new things.  And, on those occasions when he is out of sync, he trusts her enough to tell her his needs.  She always listens to him and provides the calming, soothing therapies that help him regain control of himself.  I think her ability to recognize and work with my son's emotional needs, not just his physical needs, is the reason she is a truly wonderful occupational therapist." 


January 5, 2015


“I have an elementary school aged son who has been diagnosed with mild Dyslexia and ADHD.  We were referred to Susan by one of our specialist for an independent evaluation despite the fact that my son’s school had already completed an O.T. evaluation and had recommended that O.T. services were not necessary.  Susan’ s evaluation was thoughtful and very comprehensive.  She uncovered other sensory-based motor disorders and developmental optometry issues that other specialists did not uncover.  Susan’ s report was not only well written but it detailed specific recommendations that I was able to share with my other specialists, doctors, schools and teachers.   Moreover, she even offered to make herself available for additional consultation.  In addition, my son, who is shy and anxious felt completely at ease with Susan throughout the entire evaluation.  He thought her office was a ton of fun to visit and was even disappointed when I told him that her evaluation was complete and we wouldn’t need to visit with her for a while.  I confidently recommend Susan for her expertise in O.T. and providing independent evaluations.  She made the process seamless for my family and gave me confidence as a mother that I could begin to identify the right solutions for my son.”


February 25, 2015

As a mother with a "Special Needs" daughter I am pleased to write this review about Avon Occupational Therapy.  We met Mrs. Susan Foley several years ago as a referral from another therapist.

If you are looking for an exceptional Occupational Therapist to work on everyday challenges faced by your love one than Avon OT is the place for you.  Mrs. Susan Foley who is the owner is one of the best Occupational Therapist I have ever met.  She is courteous, friendly and very knowledgeable on offering sound advice regarding a treatment plan.  Ms. Susan is easy to communicate with and will offer carry over tips for home usage.  She is a professional in her craft and very understanding by showing concern towards the progress of her clients. I have nothing but "the highest" praises for Ms. Susan.  She is a blessing to everyone who is in her care.

Ms. Susan, my family and I thank you Today and Always for being in our lives and a member of our extended family.

 Friends Always,

Parent from Tinton Falls, NJ